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Hydrothermical processes

In the area of grain processing, hydrothermical processes are used before, as well as after flaking.

Through the use of different machines, such as the steamer unit, deactivation of adipolytic enzymes should be achieved. In addition, deformability of the grain can be achieved simultaneously, as well as separately. Hydrothermical treatment of the product continues to have a positive influence on the degree of starch breakdown of the grain.
For example, drying and cooling processes, such as the fluid bed dryer and the flap cooling belt are typically used after flaking.

Plate dryer 3000


The plate dryer is a machine used for the production of corn flakes. After cooking it dries the de-germinated raw material, the so-called maize grits that are broken into pieces.

product family: Hydrothermical processes

Steamer unit
RD 350 1,1 | 1,6 | 2,1


The steamer unit is used for hydrothermical treatment of different sorts of grain. In addition to grain the steamer is also suitable for the processing of leguminous products (legumes) and all similar free-flowing products.

product family: Hydrothermical processes

Flap cooling belt
Type 5500


The flap cooling belt is used to cool flakes and other grain products. For corn flake production, in particular, this machine is significant for cooling after roasting.

product family: Hydrothermical processes

Fluid bed dryer
WST 150 | 300


The fluid bed dryer is a machine designed especially for protective drying and cooling of cereal flakes. Connected to the roller mill the convection dryer, together with the downstream control screen comprise the finish of a flaking system.

product family: Hydrothermical processes

Pressure cooker


The pressure cooker is classically used for hydrothermical treatment of maize grits. However other grains or legumes, such as bulgur, buckwheat, rice or peas are also cooked with the aid of the pressure cooker.

product family: Hydrothermical processes