About us

More than just the sum of our products.

A company is supported by many pillars. Streckel & Schrader is not only characterised by its product portfolio and its expertise. Our history and our self-image also define us. We do not have any company values we live by – we breathe life into our company every day.

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Florian and Tobias Streckel

We define ourselves via performance – and personality

We are not focused on rapid growth. Instead, we build on reliability and a solid foundation. A safe and steady job is a top priority for us.

And one figure proves that this strategy pays off: We are proud that our employees have been with us for more than 18 years on average, a figure which greatly exceeds the norm.

There is a custom solution for everything

Streckel & Schrader is a family-owned company. And that is also how we make our decisions. In addition to flawless products, compassion is also a quality we consider to be important. That is why we are constantly committed to supporting our employees in all aspects. We are a family company – regardless of last names.


Working at Streckel & Schrader

If you have work experience and are interested in joining us, please send us your speculative application at: personal@streckel-schrader.com

Company history


For over 95 years, we have been working for you at our Hamburg location; in the region and all over the world.


Our company is headquartered in one of the largest districts in Hamburg – in Wandsbek. Located on the premises are not only the production facility, but also the warehouse and office buildings.

Hinschenfelder Strasse 35
22041 Hamburg

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