Cleaning machine type GPA 10

One sieving system for all cases

Cleaning machine GPA 10 with airleg separator

This multi-functional cleaning and control sieve takes care of the sieving of foreign material and overly large or small particles – while maintaining the same precise separation threshold.

Flexible and robust

The freely oscillating sieving tray of the sieving machine is attached to a solid supporting structure which guarantees an almost maintenance-free continuous operation of the machine. The oscillating movement of the sieve guarantees efficient sieving. The use of the entire open sieve surface is ensured by the self-cleaning principle of the screen plates via the tried-and-tested rubber sphere cleaning mechanism.

Cleaning machine GPA 10 with airleg separator

Three square meters of sieve surface

Firstly, the product enters the pre-sieving layer, which removes coarse particles and stones. On the main sieve, small kernels, seeds, and sand are separated. Finally, a high-performance outlet extraction system with a highly configurable separation threshold ensures a clean result during the aspiration of the product. Should the sieve need to be swapped out, this can be done quickly and easily via a maintenance hatch on the front.

At a glance

  1. Multi-functional cleaning and control sieve

  2. Designed for maintenance-free continuous operation

  3. Screen plates available in stainless steel

  4. Self-cleaning via oil- and grease-resistant rubber spheres

  5. High-performance outlet aspirator

  6. Easy sieve changes

  7. Suitable for the following grains: Oats, wheat, barley, spelt, legumes, etc.

But that's not all the sieving machine type GPA can do for you

In addition to cleaning and control sieving, the machine can also be used for classification.

Technical data

  • Weight


    1100 kg
    1300 kg

  • Motor


    0.75 kW
    0.75 / 0.55 kW

  • Dimensions


    2426 x 1426 x 2400
    2950 x 1426 x 2925

Tobias and Florian Streckel

Tobias and Florian Streckel

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