Husiking grain

The husks can be separated from the cereal kernel with the aid of different husking processes. As a rule, selection of the suitable grain husking machine is based on whether a naked grain (e.g. barley) or a husk cereal (e.g. oats) will be processed.

Husking grain

The husking process is the heart of grain processing. From a raw material, the grain that is prepared and pre-sorted in the cleaning process becomes a pre-refined product in this process step.

To do justice to the variety of grain types, different husking procedures, such as centrifugal husking, friction husking, and grinding processes are used. In this regard, the use of husking machines selected appropriately for the product should maximize the yield.

Impact sheller


The centrifugal husker husks oats, sunflower seeds, millet, buckwheat, rape, spelt, and similar grain products. It is used primarily in oat mills and sunflower seed husking systems.

product family: Husking grain

Underrunner disc sheller
USG 750 | 1200


This is primarily used in spelt husking systems and soy mills and is also suitable for husking peas, lentils, lupines, buckwheat, millet, and similar grain products.

product family: Husking grain

Vertical hulling machine
VSM 250


In the grain husking area this machine is used for gentle processing of different products, such as barley, wheat, rye, legumes, or pepper. In addition it is suited for lightening and polishing stabilized oats kernels.

product family: Husking grain

Jet pearler


In the husking process the jet pearler is used for the grinding and polishing of rice and other hard grain types, such as barley or durum wheat.

product family: Husking grain