Grain cleaning

The basis for grain processing in the mill is thorough and gentle cleaning of the raw material. To separate contaminants and foreign substances, such as stones and weed seeds, different machines are used that supplement each other perfectly and thus ensure a high level of cleaning efficiency.

Grain cleaning machines

Typically the raw material to be processed is contaminated with stones, weed seeds, or other coarse particles or fines. Consequently in virtually every mill, husk cereals, such as oats, are checked for quality, hullability, and foreign objects prior to purchase. The compressed air dehusker is particularly well suited for this inspection of raw materials.
To remove the so-called foreign objects, we offer different machines, each of which is perfectly matched to the different physical characteristics of the grain and foreign substances. Thus by combining different separation and polishing processes the raw material is optimally prepared for further processing.

The cleaning process is highly significant for the entire downstream production because yield and the husking result can be positively influenced through a carefully cleaned raw material.

HAS 60-120|120-120


The classic grain cleaning unit offers high capacity in a small area. It reliably separates grain from stones and other admixture and is convincing through its compact design.

Pre-cleaning machine


Machine for pre-cleaning of oats, sunflower seeds, spelt, and similar grain types. Recommended for the processing of larger quantity outputs in oat mills, spelt and sunflower seed dehusking systems.

product family: Grain cleaning

Round sifter
TYPE 300 | TYPE 500


The round sifter is used in grain cleaning for removing flour and dust and for extracting husks. In addition, it is also suitable for cooling during the grinding passages

product family: Grain cleaning

Indent cylinder
ETA 625 | ETA 730 | ETA 740


This versatile machine, manufactured of robust, steel is used for grain cleaning, as well as grain sorting. Depending on capacity requirements the machine is available in different versions.

product family: Grain cleaning

Double indent cylinder
with re-sorting and sieve DTA 625 | DTA 740


Like the indent cylinder, this machine, which is manufactured of robust steel, is used for grain cleaning. Thanks to its well thought out design, the double indent cylinder also enables recovery of any outsorted raw material.

product family: Grain cleaning

Horizontal scourer
HSM 30/60 | 45/80


The compact and easy-to-operate scourer is used for surface treatment of oats, spelt, wheat, rye, and similar grain types. The machine is available in two versions, depending on capacity requirements.

product family: Grain cleaning

Air leg separator
Type ST 800 | ST 1000 | ST 1500


The air leg separator is used to separate dust and husks out of a product mix, for example. The volume of husks to be separated determines the capacity of the machine, which is available in different sizes.

product family: Grain cleaning

Nordmark no. 3 | no. 4


This machine is used for effective cleaning of husked oats. If needed special versions of the awner are available for processing forest seed and sugar beet seed.

product family: Grain cleaning