Grain cleaning

The basis for grain processing in the mill is thorough and gentle cleaning of the raw material. To separate contaminants and foreign substances, such as stones and weed seeds, different machines are used that supplement each other perfectly and thus ensure a high level of cleaning efficiency.

Rotating cleaner with control function

In the grain cleaning process the double indent cylinder primarily separates weed seeds and foreign grain. Resorting of the material occurs through the use of a second sorting drum with a circumferential screen. This procedure maximizes the yield of clean raw material.


Double indent cylinder
with re-sorting and sieve DTA 625 | DTA 740

product family: Grain cleaning

Product is separated with the aid of tear-drop shaped dents on the two half-shells of the work cylinder. Thanks to the precisely punched dent edges a high level of separation is achieved. All fines are lifted into a trough in the interior of the indent cylinder and conveyed out of the machine via a screw conveyor. For resorting of the material there is a significantly smaller indent cylinder with a circulating sorting screen is located below the work cylinder.
The incline of the trough, the perforation of the screen, and the pressing of the indent cylinder can be adjusted individually, so that optimal results are achieved for the respective product.

Technical details:

  • Capacity is dependent on the raw material 5 t/h | 8 t/h
  • Drive: 2.2 kW | 3.0 kW
  • Dimensions: 3434 x 950 x 2080 | 4932 x 965 x 2080
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