Husiking grain

The husks can be separated from the cereal kernel with the aid of different husking processes. As a rule, selection of the suitable grain husking machine is based on whether a naked grain (e.g. barley) or a husk cereal (e.g. oats) will be processed.

Cast-iron husking pro

The Underrunner disc sheller is available in two sizes. It offers high husking capacity in conjunction with gentle treatment of the husked kernels.


Underrunner disc sheller
USG 750 | 1200

product family: Husking grain

In the robust husking bed of the machine there are two husking stones. The grain is processed between the stone coverings of a resistant corundum lubricating gel mixture. The intensity of the husking effect can be influenced by simply adjusting the distance of the husking gap. The capacity of the machine is regulated via a variably adjustable infeed pipe.
Two discharges arranged opposite of each other ensure fast flow of the husk mixture out of the machine.

Technical details:

  • Capacity: To 1.0 t/h | to 2.5 t/h
  • Drive: 5.5 kW | 11.0 kW
  • Dimensions: 1151 x 1183 x 1480 | 1802 x 1850 x 1620
technical help (PDF, 482KB)