Grain cleaning

The basis for grain processing in the mill is thorough and gentle cleaning of the raw material. To separate contaminants and foreign substances, such as stones and weed seeds, different machines are used that supplement each other perfectly and thus ensure a high level of cleaning efficiency.

Airy light parts remover

The machine is frequently used together with a separating unit to separate husks and kernels. Through this combination the filter is offloaded, pipeline wear is reduced, and optimal machine adjustment are achieved.


Air leg separator
Type ST 800 | ST 1000 | ST 1500

product family: Grain cleaning

Grain is fed into the air leg separator with the aid of an eccentric drive. In this process the husk mixture is distributed over the entire work width of the machine via an adjustable gap setting. At entry into the air channel the air that flows upward is drawn through the occurring product veil of the grain. Here the husks and husk parts with lower specific weight are pulled off and pulled upward. The heavy cereal grains run downward and out of the air leg separator.
Varying the width of the air channel regulates the air speed in the channel in such a manner that the optimal degree of separation is achieved.

Technical details:

  • Capacity is dependent on the raw material 1 - 3 t/h | 2 - 4 t/h | 3 - 6 t/h
  • Drive: 0.035 kW | 0.17 kW
  • Dimensions: 880 x 1037 x 1950 | 1080 x 1037 x 1950 | 1580 x 1037 x 1950
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