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Air cleaning and screen cleaning

The grain is distributed on vibratory screen decks. With the aid of aspirated air, dust and husks are separated and coarse contaminants are later outsorted on the primary screen. The main screen deck separates shriveled grains and sand. Subsequently the cleaned grain is intensively aspirated again.

Stone separation

On the first level of the machine driven by vibration motors machine, a preliminary separation occurs. Lightweight and heavy material is separated through air flow and oscillating movements according to a specific weight. The grain is separated from heavy material on the second screen deck.

Foreign grain separation

Weed seeds and foreign grain are separated with the aid of tear-drop shaped dents on the two half-shells of the work cylinder. Resorting of the material occurs through the use of a second sorting drum with a circumferential screen.

Surface treatment

The surface of the grain is polished with a special horizontal rotor. Friction intensity can be regulated via different tools that are fixed on the rotor, and the discharge flap. To conclude, the abrasion that occurs is suctioned out of the machine.

Air sorting

In the air channel the air that flows upward is drawn through the product veil of the grain. Here the husks and husk parts with lower specific weight are pulled off and pulled upward. The heavy cereal grains run downward and out of the air leg separator.

Grain fractionation

Use of up to four screens in the rotating screen drum enables classification in five different fractions (4 screen fractions plus overflow). The result: Homogeneous product batches for more effective subsequent processing.


Cleaning and sorting process

  1. Air cleaning and screen scleaning
  2. Stone separation
  3. Foreign grain separation
  4. Surface treatment
  5. Air sorting
  6. Grain fractionation