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Hinschenfelder Straße 35
22041 Hamburg


PHONE: +49 (0)40 693 70 77
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Our history

After working for well-known mechanical engineering companies, such as Kampnagel or Körber & Naumann, senior engineers, Franz Streckel and Karl Schrader founded the company, STRECKEL & SCHRADER KG in 1923. A suitable building lot was quickly found in Hamburg, (at the time a location with a rich husking mill tradition), and as the company buildings were built the division of labor of the two company founders was also clear. Design and continuous further development of process technologies for processing of grain and legumes was K. Schrader’s focus.
Unusually for the time, F. Streckel not only took care of customers in Germany, he also increasingly set about convincing foreign customers of the high-quality technologies of STRECKEL & SCHRADER.

One year after the company was founded newly-graduated Diplom-Ingenieur Karl B. Streckel started to work at STRECKEL & SCHRADER. The later, long-standing CEO was able to continue the tradition and in 1966 also convinced his son of join the family company.
Joachim Streckel brought his commercial experience gained from various industrial enterprises with him, and acquired the technical know-how through extensive hands-on training, the good contact with technical directors and chief millers, and what became years of experience with customers around the world. Thus Joachim Streckel extended the business in South America and Australia and today is proud of the outstanding customer relationships that have already transitioned to the next generation.
Diplom-Kaufmann Tobias Streckel has strengthened the company in the fourth generation for 7 years, and together with the juniors of “older” business partners implements projects from Chile to Perth, via Sweden and Luebeck.

Travel fever is common to all members of the Streckel family. “I have seen so many oat mills and built so many plants worldwide that to this day our customers can profit from this experience”, explains CEO Joachim Streckel. To him and his son it is important to learn from each project, to use new findings for development of optimal solutions for every single customer. If the junior boss is asked what he likes best about the work at STRECKEL & SCHRADER, he responds: “Through our corporate culture we can often deal with the special needs of our customers, faster and with greater flexibility - this is enjoyable and makes our customers happy.”

The concept is successful: For 88 years STRECKEL & SCHRADER has been active in all the important markets for grain processing and stands for individual consulting, first-class engineering, and a high degree of flexibility.