Grain cleaning

The basis for grain processing in the mill is thorough and gentle cleaning of the raw material. To separate contaminants and foreign substances, such as stones and weed seeds, different machines are used that supplement each other perfectly and thus ensure a high level of cleaning efficiency.

Kompakter Reinigungsprofi

Der in zwei Größenausführungen erhältliche Steinausleser wird in jeder klassischen Getreidereinigung eingesetzt. Die von zwei Vibrationsmotoren angetriebene Maschine
separiert alle spezifisch schweren Teile wie bspw. Steine, Metalle und andere Beimengungen von dem Produkt.


HAS 60-120|120-120

The product falls through the feed flap into the work chamber where it is distributed over the entire work width. On the first level there is a preliminary separation to ensure precise separation of stones.

Lightweight and heavy material is separated through air flow and oscillating movements according to specific weight. The grain is separated from heavy material on the second separating table. Stones and other admixtures, as well as the cleaned grain, is then discharged through two separately arranged rubber valves.
The destoner is delivered with its own fan, in order to generate stable air conditions in the work compartment of the machine, and thus guarantee continuous high-quality destoning.

Technical details:

  • Capacity is dependent on the raw material 3 - 8 t/h or 5 - 15 t/h
  • Drive: 2 x 0.185 kW | 2 x 0.35 kW
  • Dimensions: 1510 x 1621 x 1870 or 1546 x 858 x 1648
technical help (PDF, 560KB)