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Feed taxi of stainless steel

At the end of a hydrothermical process the product is carried out of the tempering zone. In this process the auxiliary grooves in the feed roller ensure uniform distribution over the entire work width.


Feeding apparatus
Type 800 | Type 1000

product family: Flaking

Homogeneous product quality is achieved through the mass flow generated in the feeding apparatus. The capacity of the machine can be influenced via the dwell time in the tempering zone and via a frequency converter for regulating the feed roller speed.
On the rear of the feeding apparatus an aspiration connection is provided to remove the expelled moisture.

Technical details:

  • Capacity: To 2.0 t/h | to 3.5 t/h
  • Drive: 0.75 kW
  • Dimensions: 1057 x 500 x 355 | 1223 x 500 x 355